​Structural Strengthening

​We Fix Structural Issues

​Restek's structural strengthening solutions help put ​you in control of ​your structural problems by reducing repair cost, time, and disruption.

Structural strengthening may be required to relieve stresses generated by design or construction errors, or to restore original load capacity to damaged structural elements. If your office building or home has cracks forming on the walls or has been damaged due to flooding, you can depend on ​Restek Inc to restore your buildings’ foundation.

Our services for structural strengthening are handled by our staff of qualified professionals at ​Restek Inc. It is 100% guaranteed that we’ll have your building looking shiny and new again!

​Examples Of Our Work

  • ​CFRP Installation
  • ​Span Shortening
  • ​Underpinning
  • ​Foundation Stabilization

​Take control of ​your ​structural problems with our fast, dependable, efficient, and eco-friendly ​solutions.

​Structural Strengthening - Restek Inc

​Looking For Structural Repair?

​We use the best technology and the most precise methods to strengthen structures. Contact us today for an estimate on your project.

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