​Epoxy Injections

​A​ Cost Effective Solution 

​Restek Inc ​​uses epoxy injection as a permanent structural preservation procedure for crack repairs​.

The epoxy injection strengthens the concrete while repairing and filling in the structural cracks—the cracks are welded together with the epoxy material that’s been forced through cracks under pressure, and it forms a bond that is stronger than the concrete itself.

​Structural Repair Benefits

The pressure epoxy process is the industry-leading method for repairing cracks. The injected epoxy resin strengthens the integrity of the concrete as one of the main benefits. The resin also seals off cracks and prevent future damage, and become preventative and permanent solutions to benefit commercial industries These structural repairs are applied to foundations, concrete floors, tilt-walls, commercial parking garages, and industrial structures.

​Epoxy Injections - Restek Inc

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