​Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

​Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

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​Carbon Fiber is an excellent choice for structural repair applications no matter if the repair substrate is concrete, metal or even wood. It is light weight, adaptable to any shape, has extremely high structural strength, and is an environmentally responsible choice. Carbon Fiber produces less than 1% of typical construction waste.

​The Benefits Of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

To repair a structure with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement, a primer and then a tack coat are applied, followed by the actual carbon fiber sheet which is put on the substrate. A resin is applied to saturate the carbon fiber . Generally, the process is finished off with a top coat that is chosen specifically for the environmental and chemical conditions.

The benefits of strengthening with Carbon Fiber is that the building or structure in question can remain open during the retrofit, which makes it a truly safe and cost effective way to strengthen failing structures. Further Carbon Fiber provides architectural compatibility and only increases the size of the structure minimally.

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