​​Bridge Repair

​​​Lengthen The Life Of Your Bridge

​Restek Inc provides world class bridge repair services​

​​This includes specialty concrete services, scour and erosion remediation, bridge protection installation, demolition services, and more. Our ability to tackle complicated projects both on land and over the water has enabled us to become a versatile contractor that can offer a wider range of services.

​Bridge Replacements

Our ability to provide turnkey, time critical infrastructure projects will ensure that your projects stays on schedule with minimal interruptions to the right of way. Restek Inc personnel are knowledgeable in all sizes of bridge replacements, whether they are steel, concrete or wooden. Throughout the project we create a collaborative environment with the owner and its representative engineer to ensure that work is carried out in the most efficient way.

A key component to bridge span replacement projects is the ability to minimize track downtime. ​We have the experience necessary to replace spans and install new piers and abutments while beholden to critical deadlines and truncated windows of operations.

​​Bridge Repair - Restek Inc

​Looking For Structural Repair?

​We use the best technology and the most precise methods to strengthen structures. Contact us today for an estimate on your project.

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