Parking Garage Maintenance & Repair

​Restek, Inc. offers a wide variety of services for pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete parking garages. Routine preventative maintenance is very important to the structural integrity and safety of a concrete parking structure. Restek, Inc. can ensure the continuation of both with little downtime for your tenant(s) or customer(s).

​Concrete and expansion joints on a parking garage must be continually maintained to reduce damage caused by moisture, extreme temperatures, exposure to salt (by air or traffic), and daily traffic loads.

Structural Repair Or Enhancements

  • Install Protective Traffic Coating to Prevent Rebar Corrosion & Concrete Deterioration
  • Install Temporary Shoring & Repair Existing Double T's
  • Replace Metal Pan Decking, Rebar, & Expansion Joints
  • Replace and/or Add Drains for Increased Water Control
​Parking Garage Repair - Restek Inc
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